Eikym Solution’s offerings that can be tailor made as per clients’ requirement

IT Infra Availability Services

For the fast changing IT landscape of the industry it is important to have services that are relevant and appropriate. Gone are the days of standard service deliverables as defined by Product Manufacturers / Technology Partners. Non-standard / unique and tailor made SLAs and deliverables are the order of the day. We at Eikym Solutions believe in this and our services are uniquely designed.

1. Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services for IT Infrastructure

2. Hybrid model comprising of back-aligned support from Product Manufacturers / Technology Partner coupled with in-house support

3. Comprehensive in-house maintenance services

4. Incident Pack, customised care packs, on-demand service customized SLAs

5. On-Site support, Remote support, Residency support and On-call support

Key differentiators compared to conventional support services vis-à-vis tailor made services

1. SLA – Stringent SLA (less than 2 hrs) for critical & NBD, NNBD services for non-critical environment

2. Flexible back-to-back model - On-site skill / support model

3. Pay per call / per instance as you avail services